About Mohammad Arshad
I help Muslim organisations inspire people, influence change and impact the world.

Alhumdulillah, I have been blessed to build and launch successful charities, businesses, brands and products globally. I have over 15 years experience of working with people and organisations as their leader, trainer, coach and mentor.

I care deeply about growth and development and am the founder of Muslim Mastery which helps Muslims to achieve breakthroughs in their lives.

My other passion is CSI - Communication, Sales and Influence.

I have been helping Muslims for years to overcome their fears and doubts. To become self expressed leaders and public speakers. To become better fundraisers and trainers. To become better entrepreneurs and communicators. Ultimately, to become the best versions of themselves.

Some of the organisations I have helped to build, grow or have worked with include:

AlMaghrib Institute
ArRahma Trust
Cambridge Islamic College
Islam Channel
Islamic Online University
Launch Good
Learning Roots
Mercy Mission
Muntada Aid
Muslim Box Co
Muslim Youth Helpline
One Ummah

My vision is you growing yourself, giving to others and getting closer to Allah every single day.

This is what is possible for you and your organisation.

If you are ready to turn your infinite potential into actual results then please get in touch.
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